Start Now. Time can be an investorís best friend. By investing $500 a month at age 40, and assuming 8% growth, one could have $465,000 by age 65. By waiting until age 45, that amount decreases to $300,000. Thatís a 38% penalty for waiting five years.

Estate Planning Made Simple
Siblings who have had loving relationships can become embittered towards each other if one feels that Mom or Dadís Will wasnít fair when dividing up the estate. Some parents will completely disinherit one child. By doing so theyíre guaranteeing that child will hold bitter memories towards that parent and the other family members. Instead, leave something to him or her and when doing so, donít use hurtful language that will be remembered forever. If you really feel one child needs more than their brothers or sisters itís better to leave a smaller but equal portion to all your children and...Read More