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Financial planning is for everyone who wants to retire to a secure future, not just the wealthy.  In fact, our clients come from all ages and walks of life.  Whether someone is starting a first job, running a small business, planning for future retirement, or managing income during retirement years, Blakeslee & Blakeslee is here to help.

Busy Working Families

Most families have a number of retirement accounts, old 401(k) plans, Tax Sheltered Annuities, or IRAs that have been overlooked and largely unmanaged.  Blakeslee & Blakeslee can help bring some order and rationality to your investments while providing investment advice to ensure that you are properly diversified and on track to meet your goals.

Business Owner

A company sponsored retirement plan provides significant benefits to a small-business owner.  First, a retirement plan is often an important consideration for potential employees when deciding where to work.  Second, employees frequently feel more committed and loyal to companies that provide retirement benefits.  Third, a company retirement plan can help the owners of the company put more pre-tax money aside than by simply using an IRA or other investment options.  Blakeslee & Blakeslee can make launching a plan easy for a small business owner by handling the paperwork and the investment recommendations.


As a retiree there are few issues more important than managing assets and income to help the money last throughout one’s lifetime.  But managing retirement holdings is only the first issue of importance.  Staying on top of the performance of investment holdings, taking the correct level of required IRA distributions, registering assets properly in the name of a trust, and identifying beneficiaries or successor trustees are challenges that are frequently encountered by retirees.  These issues can be particularly difficult for a surviving spouse who lacks financial planning experience or expertise.  Blakeslee & Blakeslee can help reduce the stress and uncertainty of paperwork while making sure that the work is done promptly and accurately.

Parent or Grandparent

With the ever-increasing cost of higher education, saving for college has become more important than ever.  Few gifts are more important or longer lasting than the gift of an education for a young person thinking about their future.  New rules allow college savings accounts to be transferred between children so if one child skips college the money can transferred for use by another college-bound family member. Blakeslee & Blakeslee can help a parent or grandparent establish a child’s college account with as little as $250.

Young Families

During earning years, putting money aside in professionally managed and diversified mutual funds is essential to building a nest egg for retirement.  Becoming a saver at an early age can establish a life-long pattern that brings financial security throughout one’s life.  Setting up an automatic monthly contribution of even as little as $50 can make a big difference over the long run.  Blakeslee & Blakeslee can help open retirement accounts and set up automatic investment programs that build an account consistently over time.

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