Central Coast Financial Planning Services

We provide a free initial no-obligation financial consultation to help a potential client determine if Blakeslee & Blakeslee is a good match for their needs.  During that consultation our investment and financial planning professionals can, if desired, review an individual’s existing portfolio to provide a free second opinion on whether or not the assets are performing well and are suitable for the client’s financial planning goals.

Our compensation is frequently lower and more affordable than other firms.  Over the last decade there has been a big change in how clients are billed for service.  Most firms now charge hefty annual advisor fees of 1% or more.  Blakeslee & Blakeslee is likely more affordable than your current firm because we can eliminate that annual advisor fee.  Drop off your statements or just let us know what you’re paying elsewhere and we will see what we can do to help lower your costs.

Annual Financial Checkups

No-charge annual meetings update clients on their progress toward reaching their financial planning goals.  These meetings help ensure that a client’s investment strategy continues to evolve and mature as life and financial events unfold.

Retirement Planning

Determine how much a client needs to set aside during working years to retire at a desired age under a number of scenarios based on risk and financial liquidity.

Asset Management

Optimize a client’s investment allocations through diversified investment in professionally managed funds to improve growth while reducing volatility. Discuss different strategies and options for dealing with market ups and downs while staying invested for the long term.

Retirement Plan Rollovers

Transfer old retirement plans from a former employer into a personally-directed and controlled Individual Retirement Account without incurring any taxes.

Education Planning

Set up a college savings plan for a client to help a child or grandchild accumulate assets for college in a manner that reduces the tax bite when the funds are withdrawn.

Business Retirement Plan

Help a small business set up a retirement plan for the owner and employees.  Whether a SEP IRA, a Simple IRA, or a 401(k), a business owner can reduce taxes, save for the future, and retain great employees with a small business retirement plan.

Estate Planning

When planning to pass assets on to the next generation its important to make sure your attorney works closely with your financial planner.  Our professionals can help with both the planning and the implementation of an estate plan.

Tax Planning

Help a client consider the tax consequences of investments to maximize the amount that is kept by the client rather than transferred to government through taxation.  Our professionals can work closely with your accountant to select investments that reduce unnecessary taxation.

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