Dollars & Sense

Diane provided daily financial planning tips on her nationally syndicated radio show, Dollars & Sense, which ran for over two decades. Below are some entries from her archives.

*Tax laws may have changed in years since broadcast.

60 Day Rollover

Distributions from qualified plans generally constitute ordinary income to the recipient when received. When an individual voluntarily affects a rollover of pension monies from one qualified plan account to another ... Read More »

Amending Your Tax Return

As people tax plan they often pull out prior tax returns to use as a guide. It’s not uncommon to occasionally discover an error or an overlooked deduction. Taxpayers don’t ... Read More »

Are You an Over-spender?

Post holiday time is always a good time to take your pulse on over-spending. Over-spending is something for which we need to take responsibility. It’s all too easy to blame ... Read More »

Buy or Rent

Is it always smarter to buy a house rather than remaining as a renter? Home ownership has long been “the American Dream”. With current mortgage interest rates at the lowest ... Read More »

Decisions of an Executor

Executors are given court authority to follow the terms of a will and properly distribute the assets in a deceased person’s estate. How well they carry out their duties could ... Read More »

Donating a Life Insurance Policy

Donating an old life insurance policy to your favorite charity can be a win win proposition. In general, the full transfer of an existing life insurance policy to a qualified ... Read More »

Estate Planning Made Simple

Siblings who have had loving relationships can become embittered towards each other if one feels that Mom or Dad’s Will wasn’t fair when dividing up the estate. Some parents will ... Read More »

Getting Kids Started with Investing

How do you get children interested in the stock market and instill a life long appreciation for the need to save and invest? The earlier you start interesting children in ... Read More »

Grandparent/Grandchild Exclusion

Did you know it’s possible to pass on $1,000,000 to grandchildren and avoid having to pay estate taxes on the bequest? Most people are aware of the Generation Skipping Trust ... Read More »

Long-Term Care Options

Roughly four out of ten people age 65 or older will need at least some long-term care, either at home, in an assisted living facility, or in a nursing home. ... Read More »

Multi-Generation Planning

It used to be there were only three generations in a family, the grandparents, the adult children and the grandchildren. Now folks are living longer and we’re seeing fourth and ... Read More »

Naming an IRA Beneficiary

Deciding whom to name as your IRA beneficiary can be fraught with land mines, particularly if you want to stretch out the IRA into future generations. Failing to name a ... Read More »

Painless ways to save!

You won’t be surprised to learn that there are people in every economic income levels that say they can’t afford to save. Saving money can be done every day in ... Read More »


See a penny; pick it up; all the day you’ll have good luck. My grandma taught me that jingle at a time in history when a penny was really worth ... Read More »

Picturing Your Future

Can you picture your future without a paycheck? If you haven’t been building up a sizable nest egg, that’s exactly how your retirement is going to look. Visualizing a situation ... Read More »

Re-Visit Your Will

Have you reviewed your will lately? If it was written many years ago it might not accurately reflect today’s wishes. With the rapid increase in the value of retirement plans, ... Read More »

Reverse Mortgage may not be The Best Answer

If you’re house rich and income poor you may be considering a reverse mortgage. Just beware of the pitfalls. Nationwide many people have taken advantage of a technique that lets ... Read More »

Saving Money

Saving money has little to do with the amount of your wealth and more to do with your priorities in life. People frequently come up to me and say “I ... Read More »

Sell Low then Buy Low

If you ‘sell low and then buy low’ you may be able to produce a tax write-off. There are lots of axioms in the investment world. Here are a few: ... Read More »

Special Need Trust

If one of your children is mentally or physically handicapped you may want to consult with an attorney about setting up a Special Needs Trust for that child. People with ... Read More »

The many varieties of 529 Plans

The problem of how to save for college education expenses can be both easy to solve and confusing to resolve. There are now over 40 different 529 college savings plans. ... Read More »

Tips for Designing a Home Office

If you’re designing a home office you need to set reasonable spending targets for equipment. Technology theoretically is supposed to reduce the amount of time we need to spend in ... Read More »

Wash Sales

If you’re looking for some tax deductions by selling stock on which you’ve got a loss be sure you don’t do what is called a wash sale. One way to ... Read More »

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