Dollars & Sense - Penny-Pinching

See a penny; pick it up; all the day you’ll have good luck. My grandma taught me that jingle at a time in history when a penny was really worth something. Never-the-less it still has merit. Saving a few pennies here and there may seem futile but believe me, those pennies can add up to real money. If you set as a priority, saving money instead of spending money you’d be surprised at where you’ll find those extra pennies. Here are just a few ideas. Instead of renting videos, go to your local library and borrow theirs for free. The same goes for tapes, CDs and of course books. Cancel cable TV; start by trying it for the summer. You’ll find you spend a lot more time reading, doing projects and enjoying the good weather. To decorate a child’s room, get outdated posters for free from video stores and the post office. Children can find crayons, paper, scissors, old used wrapping paper, glue and other stuff a great pastime. Let their imaginations do the rest. Swap babysitting hours with other impecunious friends or with a college student who’d love to trade the use of your washer and dryer for babysitting. Remember if you’re thirsty, water is the cheapest. If you’re not already a vegetarian, stretch your food budget by occasionally eliminating meat and substituting a big baked potato with cheese or other toppings. Also, most kids will happily fill their bottomless pits with beans, pasta and rice. Make collecting cans for cash from recycling @ ECOSLO a family project. Once you start focusing on saving, you’ll be amazed at what expenditures you can eliminate and how much money you can accumulate.

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