Dollars & Sense - Painless ways to save!

You won’t be surprised to learn that there are people in every economic income levels that say they can’t afford to save. Saving money can be done every day in little ways. For instance, if you routinely get your hair cut every two weeks, stretch out the interval by an additional four days. At $20 a visit, you’ve just saved yourself $120 a year. Take the time to fill out frequent flyer applications. Miles can add up quickly and redeeming them for a free flight will save hundreds of dollars. When you’ve made that last car or house payment, continue placing that same monthly amount into an investment for yourself. If you hold really old U.S. Savings bonds, they may no longer be earning interest. Don’t use credit cards that charge a fee. That $25 to $50 savings can become significant. If your credit card company duns you for a late fee, give them a phone call explain the circumstances and they may waive the fee. If you’ve reached age 55 your bank or a neighboring bank has a special account with no fees, free travelers checks, and free ATM transaction just for seniors. Ask for it.

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