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Can you picture your future without a paycheck? If you haven’t been building up a sizable nest egg, that’s exactly how your retirement is going to look. Visualizing a situation brings home the reality of one’s future. Real estate agents tell customers to spruce up their homes with fresh paint, get rid of clutter and do a little decorating so potential buyers can visualize themselves living in your house. Why not take the same approach to visualizing your retirement. How long could you make it without a paycheck? How much money are you wasting on things that clutter up your life? Statistics tell us that half of all working people have accumulated less than $10,000 in retirement savings. Also, over 2/3rds of today’s retirees are living month to month, depending solely on their Social Security. The majority of Americans in the work force has no idea how much they need to save for retirement according to a study just released by the Securities and Exchange Commission. As the Cheshire Cat said to Alice in Alice in Wonderland; “if you don't know where you’re going, any road will get you there”. Unfortunately, this is the way many people head into retirement. If this is your situation, isn’t today as good a time as any to start working with a financial planner who’ll help you get on the right road to retirement?

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